Course & Structure

Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship is an international Master's course hosted by a consortium of six universities. Each student studies in Hamburg in his/her first year and then continues at one of the partner universities. Please see below sections for more detailed information. 

Semesters 1 and 2 at TUHH provide a strong foundation in the field of Technology and Innovation Management. They look at early and late phases of the innovation management process and concentrate on market research for (radical) innovation, cross functional cooperation at the front end of the innovation process, managing innovation projects over geographical and functional/divisional boarders and preparing the market introduction of new products and services. In addition, they provide a foundation in the field of Entrepreneurship.

The course content of semester 3 depends on which partner institution is chosen. Based on their specific core competencies each partner offers courses which complement / deepen the study program of the first year.

You can find an overview of the course structure here.


The curriculum describes the course content. Each year the students have to achieve a total of 60 ECTS points. In the first year in Hamburg these are based on lectures, in the second year they are based on lectures (30ECTS) and the thesis (30ECTS).

The core qualification taught during the first year at Hamburg University of Technology focuses on providing a general understanding of innovation- and technology management which the specialisations in the second year are built upon. Key areas of research are marketing in the context of innovation, product planning and technology management, the global management of innovation and entrepreneurship. These areas are complemented by optional modules specialising in other related scientific fields. Students improve on their skills to engage in a global corporate environment, learn how to manage innovation related processes and foster their academic research capabilities. The core qualification comprises the following modules.

With the start of the second year, the students move to their preferred partner university each characterised by a certain specification which deepens the core qualification by distinct modules. As mentioned above, ECTS points gained through this lectures add up to 30. In addition each student has to complete a thesis (also 30 ECTS) which is not further outlined on this website. For specific questions regarding this issue, please contact the respective contact person. You find the modules offered at each location here:



All students will gain a M.Sc. in Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, yet their second year choice defines the type of degree which is seen below. Click on the images for more info.