Technology Venturing


The student is able to initiate technological venture and develop business model for technology driven business. I.e., he (she) is able to generate business idea, and knows major business generation techniques, and is capable to build a technology venturing team corresponding to the competences desired, and team life cycle, as well as is capable to act as a business mentor for start-up. He (she) is knows the techniques of technological business opportunity search and evaluation, including market validation techniques, as well as business communication methods. The student is able to put technology venture in action, while executing technology business idea market validation, defining go-to-market strategy and taking entrepreneurial marketing decisions, combined with agile product development and business idea pivoting techniques. The student is able to carry out financial planning and deal with venture capital issues; to carry out financing modelling and metrics, plan capitalization, manage venture capitalist relations and pitch business ideas to investors.


Semester 3