International Management


The student will get knowledge in the field of comparative international management. The course will provide students with deeper understanding of the international management processes, especially as far as the national cultural and institutional diversity are concerned. The national diversity is linked with the innovation processes taking place in various socio-cultural contexts.
The student will know the main theoretical approaches to international comparative management and relation between the processes of globalization and the remaining aspects of national diversity, the cultural and institutional parameters of the diversity of international environment of organizations, and is capable of taking them into account while implementing the organizational strategy, the diversity of international companies and organizations, understands the international aspects of leadership and is capable of performing in the multicultural teams. He understands the international aspects of human resource management and is capable of applying them in organizational practice and knows the strategies of entry into international markets, outsourcing and the aspects of managing the international value networks. He understands the functioning of international networks of knowledge and innovation and their potential contribution to the competitive advantage of the firm, knows the specifics of national systems of management and innovation, and is capable of adapting accordingly the organizational strategies and the main dimensions of cultural diversity, understands potential areas of coss-cultural conflicts and synergies, and is capable of managing in the culturally diverse environments.


Semester 3 (elective)