Intellectual Property Management


Intellectual property management competence will be formed for students, while delivering knowledge about the essence of IP, its application and protection strategies for creating international competitiveness of business. After learning the contents of the module the student will know and understand main IP exploitation strategies for increasing international business competitiveness. Student will be able to manage the processes of IP creation, exploitation and protection, to define the specifics of IP objects, to perform their search, to define the efficiency of creation and usage, to model the legalization and application strategies and to select international protection means.
The student will know and understand the essence, importance and management peculiarities of intellectual property in the context of international competitiveness. Know the intellectual property objects, their national and international legal protection, understand the operation of intellectual property information system and its possibilities in the business. He understands specifics and methods of intellectual property objects evaluation, applied intellectual property management strategies ant their characteristics depending on the objects of local or international protection. He is able to analyse the environment of intellectual property objects, using national and international information systems of intellectual property objects and is able to identify intellectual property objects, to evaluate them and to select most efficient commercialization strategies, with regard to their legalization, protections and usage aspects. Is able to select intellectual property protection means, while applying valid national and international legislations.


Semester 3 (elective)