Business Model Innovation


The student knows the concepts of value innovation and business model innovation, understands their theoretical structure and is capable of making the projections of new value creation, he knows the theoretical alternatives of new value creation and is capable of applying the methods of rethinking the boundaries of markets and industries, he knows the main patterns of business models and is capable of linking them with the new value propositions, is capable of identifying the opportunities of new business models and new value propositions in the contemporary business environment and knows the recent trends of consumption in the contemporary markets and is capable of integrating them into the construction of new value propositions. He understands the challenges underlying the practical implementation of value innovation and is capable of meeting them successfully in the organizational practice, knows the key theories and practices in change management, related to value innovation, and is capable of applying them successfully in organizational activities and is capable of testing the prototypes of new value propositions in the market and interpreting the obtained data.


Semester 3