Application Procedure

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the GTIME program is three-fold.

  1. Check the admission requirements to find out if you are suitable to apply.

    Gather all relevant documents in time for the pre-check. You can find an overview of the relevant documents over here. The application period for the winter semester at TUHH starts in January 1st week and ends on March 1, of the given year.

  2. Perform pre-check

    Go to the TUHH site link below:-

    Fill out the pre-check form on the site to ensure your suitability for the program application. This must be done before the 13th of February, of the year of your application.

  3. Apply

    You will receive the result of your pre-check by email after a maximum of 14 days from your pre-check form submission.

    Therefore, make sure that you check your emails regularly.

    Upload all relevant documents to the final application.

    Finally, submit the final application before 1st March. There are no application fees.

    You will receive the result of your application after around 1.5-2 months from 1st march.